Womer Frenchies are sold at different prices, which is determined by:

Full AKC with "Regulated" breeding rights.      

("REGULATED" = All bitches and males must be approved by Womer Frenchies before breeding and the dogs MUST be 2 years or older before breeding.) (New owner(s) must also do all testing for the OFA Chic Program as well as all recommended DNA health test recommended by the FBDCA/OFA.  This can be started after the initial Vet exam at 6 weeks the DNA testing can begin.  VetGen will be use for DNA health analysis that will be turned into OFA. New owners will be given a list of the test that are associated with these two entities and MUST be turned into Womer Frenchies after each completion.  During this time the dog will be CO-OWNED until the dog has completed the last testing at 24 months then full AKC rights will be change over to the New Owner(s) 

The puppy will go home with you after 10 weeks of age.  We will partner with you to help evaluate potential bitches or males for any breedings.  This is to ensure the bloodline stays healthy and stays away from "inbreeding". 

There are legal contracts that will be gone over in detail of REGULATED breeding rights and how to go about ensuring the bloodline. We take this very seriously and if forced will bring on full legal actions. Demanding the Dog be altered or you could be deemed as unfit breeder and you will forfeit the rights to the dog.  We will arrange for transportation at that time. 

Limited AKC Altered dog aka: "Companion" puppy that will be altered (spayed or neutered). The puppy will go home with you after 10 weeks of age. Then at the appropriate time to spay or neutered, I will need photo proof of the incision, a receipt, and a certificate or signed document from your Veterinarian.  I require notification when the puppy has the appointment, so I can start the AKC registration. Then you will receive their limited AKC paperwork and certificate. 

The Womer Guarantee:

Both purchase categories have a 2 year Genetic Life-Threatening Defect Guarantee.