My husband and I have fallen in love with this adorable breed.  Our first baby girl, SassyMay Chanel, came to our home to be a therapy dog.  I had a broken leg and torn ligaments. Lets just say it was almost three months after surgery that I was trying to walk again.  This little angel inspired me to be the best mommy I could be and that meant getting up and walking again.  She was my life saver.  I tell you this because I want you to understand they WILL change your life.  They are not like other dogs I have been around and as a Veterinarian's daughter I've been around a lot of animals. 


Our second dog created the magic that inspired me to take this crew to the next level and become a breeder. Sir Brutus Harley.  Our little boy was just the apple of our eye and I've never been around a dog so NATURALLY loving of everything and when I say everything I mean people, cats, dogs, geese, goats you name it he will probably lick it and want to sit beside it.  Both my dogs were trained by me and we traveled over 6 states when I was a sales rep.  I truly believe if more sales reps had my experience with this wonderful traveling companion their lives would just be better and healthier!

I'm going to say this because this is how we feel and this is what I am looking for from buyers.  WE SPOIL OUR BABIES! That's right, you read it.  These are our four legged babies and will do anything to protect and love them in the safest environment we can physically provide.  I want to give you some insight on what that means to me. 

Puppy Stuff:

  • strollers (single or double pet)

  • doggie cooling pads

  • filtered water

  • ice in their water....we do live in Texas!!

  • stainless steel bowls

  • washable dog beds

  • fake grass for potty training. If you have ever heard of "Parvo" then you know how deadly a virus it is.  If you don't please go watch, read, and learn as much as humanly possible about this horrifying sickness. Our puppies do not touch unknown grass until they have had at least three sets of shots. This is NOT easy, but "PARVO" can live in the ground for up to two years without a host!!!!! Now you get it! We now have new dirty and new sod for our puppy area!   

  • puppy pens not crates

  • puppy "cave" beds

  • puppy pop up pens for traveling 

  • countless blankets

  • harnesses

  • puppy training classes for behavior/agility/and conformation

  •  special designed "Child/Frenchie" proof fence around the pool 

  • doggie life jackets for swimming, but never when we are not in the pool first

  • doggie sweaters

  • doggie jackets

  • doggie pajamas

  • doggie dresses 

  • Halloween costumes, my fav!

Now for cleaning, food, and health:

  • brushing their teeth just like us will help keep those kisses clean! 

  • use dental "drinking water additive" in drinking water

    • Such as: C.E.T. Aquadent

  • baths before traveling and of course before shows 

  • baths at home: once to twice a week

    • we use hypoallergenic shampoo's with NO alcohol or oatmeal due to the natural increase in yeast these dogs have on their body 

  • hypoallergenic wet wipes for face folds, paws, hinney pocket under tail, and well just never go anywhere without them lol!

  • trim nails about once to every other week (we use a dremel too

  • clean ears with yeast/ bacteria control cleaner on spa days

  • check feet/ears/folds/tail pocket/hinney almost daily 

  • vitamins 

    • Daily MultiVitamins (Nutra Thrive)

    • Calcium wafers when pregnant and nursing

You will miss stuff, you will forget stuff, you will run out and try something new, but for sure be careful about FOOD.  We use Science Diet, because the kibbles are very small and our male doesn't like to chew so much as just swallow it. I'm not saying its the best ever, but we try to go with what works.  This also helps with the digestive problems this breed is so famous for.  I believe the nice way to put it is "air kisses" LOL!! Also be aware that what works for one dog doesn't mean it will work for them all.  We try our best and if need be we will go to a prescription diet. 


We follow the Veterinarians recommendations for dewormings, vaccinations, and health exams. Now I will say we do 4 rounds of puppy vaccinations, but of course will always follow what studies have proven to our Veterinarians. 


Love your babies and Thank you for taking the time to learn about Womer Frenchies